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Mixed Drink Monday Gooseberry

If you love Goose Island and/or Montelle wines, then this drink is for you! The Gooseberry is a combination of GI 312 and Montelle's Red Raspberry Wine. With only 2 ingredients, this simple drink is perfect for a busy weekday evening.   Gooseberry     Ingredients Goose Island 312, chilled Montelle Red...

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Mixed Drink Monday – Beery Mary

How about a little beer cocktail to get you started this week? Julie is bringing you a special twist on the classic Bloody Mary: The Beery Mary! Complete with vodka, bloody mary mix, and Budweiser the King of Beer, this cocktail is perfect for kicking...

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Spring Seasonal Beers

Winter is coming to a close and Spring is creeping up on us fast. It's time to leave all that snow behind and let the flowers grow! And with a new season comes new beer! We have a delicious selection lined up for our Spring...

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Featured Brewery | Tallgrass

When it comes to brewing at Tallgrass Brewery, quality is key. Located in Manhattan, Kansas, founder Jeff Gill was determined to bring quality craft beer to the Midwest. In 2007, he did just that. Jeff had already been brewing his own beer at home to...

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INTRODUCING Taste Your Way Through 2017

We know, we know, there are so many different kinds of seasonal Winter ales to try this 2017 season! So many amazing choices can seem a little overwhelming when you're standing in the freezing cold beer aisle at the store, pondering which beer you're going...

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Winter Seasonal Beers

It's that time of year again. It gets dark around 5:00 every night, the wind is bitter, and you just can't seem to get warm.   But there is hope for this winter season. Why, you ask? Three words: winter seasonal beers.   That's right! It's time to break...

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