Donnewald Distributing Company | How To Make Vodka Raspberry Lemonade
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How To Make Vodka Raspberry Lemonade

We hope you love lemonade just as much as Julie does, because we have another alcoholic lemonade for you this week! Instead of blueberry, this time we’re adding some raspberries to kick it up a notch!



Vodka Raspberry Lemonade


Pickers Vodka, 2oz

San Pellegrino Lemonade

Raspberry Simple Syrup

Raspberries and lemon wedge for garnish



  1. Pour 2oz of Pickers Vodka on ice.
  2. Add in San Pellegrino Lemonade
  3. Fill rest of glass with Raspberry Simple Syrup
  4. Garnish with Raspberries and lemon wedge.
  5. Enjoy!