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How To Make A Blue Mule

You're going to want to ditch the copper mug for this one, because the color is just too good to be true!   Blue Mule Ingredients Lime juice, .5oz Pickers Vodka, 2oz Taste of Florida Blue Curacao, 1.5oz Ice Cock & Bull Ginger Beer Sugar Dusted Blueberres Lime, for garnish   Directions Add lime juice, vodka, &...

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How To Make A Dirty Shirley

Channel your inner child and try out this Dirty Shirley! Mix together some Pickers Vodka and Bai Pomegranate, and you've got yourself the adult version of a Shirley Temple.     Dirty Shirley Ingredients Pickers Vodka, 2oz Bai Pomegranate Water Twisted Cherries   Directions Muddle 3 cherries in bottom of cup. Add ice. Pour...

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