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Mixed Drink Monday Southern Style Peach Apricot Tea

Hey, tea lovers! We have the perfect drink for you this week: the Southern Style Peach Apricot Tea. With Pennington's Peach Apricot Rye Whisky, this beverage is best served in a mason jar on your front porch! Happy mixing on this fine Monday!   Southern Style Peach...

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New Products From Pennington Distilling Co.

We hope you're ready for some amazing new products coming out soon! Fresh from Pennington Distilling Company in Nashville, we have 11 new spirits for you! That's right, we said 11. Pennington strives to create a unique portfolio and categories in the spirits industry.   Founded in...

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Pinckney Bend Reviewed By Wine Enthusiast

Congratulations to our friends at Pinckney Bend Distillery on scoring 94 points with Wine Enthusiast for their vodka! This ties for the highest score during this tasting flight as well as beats other popular brands. After reaching $1 million in sales just last January, this...

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